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Brand Experience Agency

Strategy, Design,

Concept, Realization

&Everything in Between

Kreativ Agentur Zürich

MADAI Studio

MADAI is a creative studio specialized in authentic and strong brand experience.
We don't follow trends, we set them.

Together with our partner network, MADAI rethinks brand experiences and events.

With collective power, we build unconventional, unique and innovative bridges to the end consumer.

From strategy, conception, organization to implementation. Creative and strong in implementation, up to the finest detail. 

We are brand architects and we are on fire for what we do. Maybe that's why are so good at it. 


With smart strategies, fresh approaches and creative communication concepts, we create authentic brand experiences that reverberate.

We build strong, emotional bridges between brands/companies and their consumers, thus encouraging natural interaction.

Be it campaigns, product launches or events:

we can subtle or bold. We are the sparring partner to sharpen ideas and often the partner in crime to go creatively wild. Always with the goal of creating unique brand experiences and performances with depth.

We celebrate content with relevance.
The services as well as the team are set up agilely, according to the principle "pick and choose". 

Roadshows | Congresses | Product launches |

Management & Team Meetings | Exhibitions |

Opening Ceremonies | Anniversaries | Awards & Honors | Trade Shows | Temporary Architecture | Pop-Up Stores | Festivals

Brand Identity | Brand Strategy | Brand Activation | Creative Mind Mapping | Experimental Marketing | Sourcing | Web & App Design | Eventconstruction | Promotion

Brand Identity Urban

Values, Vibes & Inspiration

MADAI celebrates diversity, enjoys street credibility and lives empowerment. 


No matter if we run along the Limmat while listening to Biggie or ride our bikes home along Badenerstrasse after a Jass or turn the office into a Hive 2.0 or our kids have a free night.


We celebrate life and we love what we do.


We value the individualism of each person and believe in the power of collective togetherness.

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